Friday, April 8, 2011

King Arthur's Pizza

I am one of those people who is stubbornly against ready made mixes. Cake, Bread, Cookie, you name it.. I am so anti, but I heard so many raving comments about King Arthur’s Mixes that I gave in and decided to try. I had to make something that I couldn’t make on my own from scratch, so when I found the gluten free pizza base  I decided to go for it. I am no expert on gluten-free flours so this was new and different!

The mix was incredibly easy although the consistency was that of cake batter which didn’t leave me too convinced. If this was regular flour and water I would just increase the flour ratio but in this case, I couldn’t! So I decided to use a spatula to spread the incredibly soft batter. I put my regular pizza toppings, Portuguese Queijo da serra, marinated artichokes and olives, and some anchovies.  The pizza baked for slightly longer than a regular flour pizza, but let me just tell you the result was AMAZING! My husband said it was like eating a biscuit with toppings.  I don’t have celiac’s disease but I think I could get used to this pizza crust. Don’t tell the Italians but I might like this one better!

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