Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DED's are awesome: Delicious Easy Dinners

Left over veggies,  a little rice and frozen shrimp give you an amazing dinner that no one will know didn't even make you sweat. That's right.. the ever so elegant stir fry. This one beats the chinese restaurant's high sodium and oil content by a long long stretch.
Simply pam a non stick pan, cook your veggies untill soft, throw in some cooked rice and thawed frozen shrimp, and add a little soy sauce, salt and pepper. And there, I gave you the recipe in one easy sentence! So easy and it beats any 30 minute meal you watch on the food network. Smile, no sweat, just delicious!
I garnished mine with some pickled ginger, but that's optional.
A little red pepper is also good to give it a kick! Go wild and stir fry away! Give your left overs a make over they'd never dream of.

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