Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grilling Techniques

Today on Culinary Bootcamp: Grilling.
I'm not a big griller but oh boy had I been doing everything wrong!

Main Rules:
  1. Before you put the protein on, the grill must be very hot.
  2. Protein must be dry and not too wet with marinade.
  3. Grill must never be greased.
  4. Don't use taflon/ nonstick grills as they are bad for your health when heated to high temperatures for a very long time. Cast iron works great.
  5. When cooking thick meat make grill marks on grill first and finish in the oven for best results.

    About Marinades: Marinades are used to add flavor and tenderize when an acid is present. Don't put too much oil or fat in marinades as that prevents other flavors from adhering to the meat. Also, refrigerate marinading meat when longer than 2 hours and always refrigerate marinading seafood.

Grilling Flank Steak with Chimichirri Sauce
Shrimp on Rosemary Skewers with fresh bay leaves and grape tomatoes. Make sure the skewers are soaked for a minimum of 30 minutes or they can catch fire.
Cutting Steak: always against the grain of the meat.
Grilled Chicken with herb compound butter on top.
The sliced up steak with extra chimichurri sauce on top
Our Dinner Feast
Grilled Vegetableswith perfect grill marks.
Cactus salad to go with the pork chops.

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