Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Norwood Club

So as previously mentioned, I am now the Pastry Chef at the Norwood Club in NYC. It's a private club for artists, and I have the privilege of working with the greatest team anyone could ask for. Full of friendly people and amazing food of course. Earlier this week I decided to try a tasting from the currently updated menu (all of my desserts included of course!)
So here is my adventure and what you would taste if you decide to dine there.

Oysters with champagne gelee. I am typically not a fan of oysters but I could eat a dozen of these!

Lobster Salad. I see them being cooked every day and was thrilled to finally sink my teeth into them.

Parsnip soup with lemongrass.


Beet Salad with blue cheese!

Spetzle with bolognese sauce!

Cauliflower.. the best I've ever had!

Cream of mushroom soup... can I jsut say WOW!


Lobster Risotto with clementines and clementine foam.

Fluke with truffled potatoes and mushrooms. The best dish!

Duck with figs.. Tasty!!

Pork cooked in the most unusual interesting way.. ask the chef!


Chocolate- Caramel mousses on hazelnut Financier with frangelico caramel sauce and vanilla oil caramelized hazelnuts.

Flourless chocolate torte with ricotta-fraiche ice cream, raspberries and dehydrated meringue. The entire dish just falls apart in your mouth!

Cinnamon- Vanilla Apple Tart with strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries and lavender wire.

Spiced Pumpkin Mousse with cinnamon ice cream, snapple sauce, cinnamon streusel and pumpkin chips.

Quite a meal isn't it? But tasty and worth it!

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