Sunday, February 20, 2011

Afternoon tea with Portuguese Pao de Leite

Famous all over the world, especially in Hawaii: the Portuguese Sweet Rolls or as we call them, Pao de Leite. I love them for breakfast with a little butter and ham. They are great. My favorite place to get them is the Pao de Milho Bakery in Ironbound, NJ at 149 Oliver Street Newark, NJ 07105-2006
Their baked goods are all amazing and I recommend all of them! I was there this weekend and got inspired to make the bread at home. This is my version of the Portuguese sweet bread, with a little hint of vanilla and lemon.
My little kitten Penny wanted to join us for tea with the portuguese sweet bread..

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  1. They look lovely, a bit like doughnuts - I will look out for them.