Friday, February 18, 2011

The truth about Shari's Berries

Valentines came around and you probably got flowers, chocolates, a box of chocolate dipped strawberries.. you name it. Well, I was excited to get a box of the famous Shari's Berries, they come very well packaged with a lot of Styrofoam to make sure your berries arrive intact. It even has a beautiful bow which I now use on my head.
They looked delicious despite the non-existent green stem which they advertise on the beautiful photos on their website. I noticed there was a little red bleeding on the bottom of one strawberry but I thought that was just normal.

I took my first bite into one.. and gasp.. the acidity of rotting fruit just attacked my mouth. I look at the half eaten strawberry in my hand and see that it is bruised and starting to mould. I spit it out and grab another... the EXACT same experience. One more, last try.. YUCK. They were all rotten.

I called customer service who apologise and tell me they will send me another box within 2 working days. I say thank you and eagerly wait for my good batch of strawberries.

I receive my second box of strawberries. I see one the strawberries is incredibly ugly, it's a twin strawberry oversized, but dipped in chocolate anyway. I take a bite out of it. No sourness this time, but no flavor either. It's a white un-ripened strawberry. Better than the sourness right? I fetch for another strawberry and the same acidity fills my mouth. Yuck! It's moulding. I try one more... and guess what.. it was SOUR AND MOULDY! Unbelievable right? I cut open the last 3 berries which were all in the exact same rotting condition.

So what did I learn from this experience? Don't trust advertising and photos used to advertise. I will not be purchasing these berries again or any other Shari's products. If you've had a good experience with them GREAT, if not.. don't bother. Make your own at home or purchase them from a trusted local boutique. Try Godiva, the price is worth it when they taste perfect!


  1. Oh no! I checked out the website and they look completely different to the ones you received. Not such a great idea to be sending such a delicate fruit across the country! I'm sorry they were rotten!

  2. Same exact experience but no green berries just rotting some with a fermentation happening. After the 2nd boxs they refund the money.