Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Locanda Verde

Last night I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased that Locanda Verde delivered higher than my expectations. After getting drenched in the rain and having my feet sogged with water, the Dinner was so nice and so bursting with flavor that I was satisfied beyond what my stomach could handle.
We started out with three appetizers, this one is the Steak Tartare which was my favorite. It had a hint of herbal oils and was very soft and tender. It was served with slives of toasted bread.

The Focaccia Served with it was the softest most fluffiest and most amazing I've ever had.

You will order seconds, trust me! The best I say!
These pastas are served in pretty small portions but after having eaten 3 appetizers and 2 trays of bread, this is the perfect size.
This is the parppadelle with the lamb ragu. It was the best of the three dishes. Full of flavor with hints of mint leaves. Delicate meat sauce. 5 Stars is what I give it!
This is the Garlic spaghetti. A bit TOO much garlic for my taste but served with pieces of shrimp.
And the special of the day is a ravioli in a creamy sauce. The photo doesn't do the dish justice.
And no delicious meal would be complete without a bit of dessert. Stuffed I was but I had to try one of the desserts. I had to see what the competition was up to.

A Chocolate creamy tart with pistachio Ice cream. The presentation is simple but it works for it being a slice of tart and not a full mini tart. It was delicious but I couldn't taste the pistachio in the ice cream.
Overall I give Locanda Verde a 5 Star rating. It impressed me and it was outstandingly delicious. I was surprised how full it was for a monday night, so make a reservation before heading over there!

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