Monday, October 18, 2010

Dessert Tasting

In preparation for my upcoming job as Executive Pastry Chef of a new restaurant due to open at the end of this year, I threw myself a challenge of creating a few unique recipes for a Dessert Tasting Party. Obviously no recipes will be given but here are just some images of a few of the desserts.
This one is a raspberry curd and ginger compote within layers of crepes. Chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce on the side and chocolate accents on top.

This is my petit four selection. A chocolate nut bonbon, a caramelized pear financier, a Cecilia with a condensed milk creme anglaise and chocolate dipped lady fingers, topped with a sweet foam, and last but not least, a Yuzu cheesecake with candied citrus. The cheesecake was the favorite! Light citrousy flavors, not too filling.  
This is a coffee white chocolate glacee on top of a chocolate brownie, with chocolate sauce and creme anglaise.

And this was the petit four platter with a few extra additions, the bonbons, pear financier, lemon curd and raspberry curd tarts, yuzu cheesecake, bonbons, and the raspberry dessert as a miniature.

I hope you enjoyed this visual representation, but now you have to go to the restaurant for a tasting... will keep you posted on the opening night!!

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